Motorola 56R1 – 1955

Motorola 56R1

In 1955, Motorola released the 56H / 56R series of table radios. This was the first year that Motorola started using the ‘batwing’ logo. Just prior to the beginning of the space age, this type of case design was considered very stylish. The black plastic case of this radio shows moderate wear, and although there are no cracks or chips, it’s definitely not a pristine example. This radio has been electronically restored and plays great. This gear would be great to start your collection with. 5 Tubes (AA5) 12BE6 12BA6 12AV6 50C5 35W4. 9.75″ W x 5.75″ H x 6″ D @ 5lbs. $40 USD


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